Voxox Cloud Phone 2

Check this out: Here's our prototype in action.

Other than Sorenson Squeeze, this is the most complex product I've done design for on any of my teams. This is the second iteration of Cloud Phone Pro, which is a full featured personal and business phone system similar to Ring Central, Grasshopper or Freedom Voice. It completes an application ecosystem which includes Voxox mobile and desktop offerings. This type of Product is called a Hosted or Virtual PBX.

Our philosophy, and that of our product team, was to take away anything we didn't need. This involved producing logical and studied workflows- to improve upon the items that make phone system administration very difficult to use. We relied heavily on our Product team's PBX experience to craft a set of requirements that were revenue focused and strongly user focused. We looked at all of our competitors in detail and discovered what was working and what wasn't.