Voxox Desktop

Check this out: Here's a video of our prototype in action.

Basically here’s the deal. The original design was for Windows and Android tablet. You can see that in the video, and the second screenshot down the page a bit. It can be thought of an extruded version of one of our mobile applications for familiarity and ease of use. Once we begin running our usability tests on this thing, I expect to get a bunch of really interesting feedback. What you see above is the Mac version that is based on some UX analysis we did via personas. It is simpler, and uses the Yosemite aesthetic. Honestly, it looks fresher to me so I put it on the top of the page. I also very much enjoy the simplified feature set.


You will get sick of me talking about this the more you look at this site. @chrisjdavis and I sketched/designed and prototyped simultaneously on this project. You might say– "Why would you prototype in HTML if the app is for native?" Check out my blog entry on Prototyping. We learned so much about this application writing code directly from sketching sessions! I can’t imagine a scenario where I would design a product without a prototyping again.