GoPro Desktop Application

Check out the official launch video. Download the app here.

In only 9 months, the fantastic folks here on the GoPro Desktop team released an all new GoPro Desktop app! Manage, edit and share your GoPro media from one application. Phase 2, due out this summer will be even better. We have some groundbreaking features on their way that we can't wait to share.

I am the UX Manager on this project, collaborating with some seriously talented designers. Ha Phan on UX (video editing), Charlie Waite and Cole Welty on Visual Design, and Jean Cote on Product. I managed the UX design, process, specifications, cross—functional alignment and UX development progress.

It can be easy to collaborate with other designers right? What about your developers? The thing I'm the most proud of is the relationship built with our awesome development team. They are around 25 developers and a few architects. We went through a lot to get this thing done— most importantly we did it together. Design and development were thoroughly integrated from wireframes, specifications, visual design and finally polish. We worked together to cut scope, understand it's ramifications and hit our dates.

Is GDA perfect? Certainly not. Are we proud of it as an MVP? Absolutely. In the real world there will always be arbitrary due dates. If we tried to build a perfect product we would most likely fail. The idea is to release to our users early, with the understanding that there are some issues. User feedback, analytics and qualitative research help us understand the highs, the lows, and how to prioritize our next steps. Now we react and release— begin change over time balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the audience. Finally, the pride that comes from shipping any app, even a with flaws, will motivate your teams and inspire those around you.