Voxox iOS

This is the third version the Voxox iOS app. It is a universal communication piece, which forms an ecosystem with other Voxox applications like Cloud Phone, Desktop and Android. We've all used Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and most commonly the native texting and calling options on our devices. So to me, the biggest challenge was simplifying a feature rich approach (Voxox has many more features than these apps), while maintaining a familiar communication application paradigm. And it couldn't be boring or suck.

User Feedback

We worked with the Product, QA and Customer Support teams to gather usability data using a combination of Mixpanel, User Feedback and Survey data. How not to sound pretentious here? Improving on User complaint patterns can be pretty obvious, it can also be symptom based. An aggregate of symptoms can point to a major issue. We carefully pieced feedback together to paint a picture of a few fundamental changes that solve that issue. A specific example would be ditching the hamburger menu for the traditional tabbed structure at the bottom of primary screens. No one said “hey dude the hamburger menu sucks”. We got complaints about steps to functions, not finding features, workflow and more. We prototyped a tabbed menu, got it in front of some segmentation, and were rewarded with indications of greater use.

Our Workflow

This was by far my favorite part the whole process. We worked directly with our iOS team on every aspect of this project. Yes, I mean everything. Our developers Sketched with us. They contributed ideas to design and workflow. We even sat together. I'm calling out all design teams, include your developers. Work right alongside them. Foster a team environment. Never throw stuff over walls and expect it to magically come out well.


It's super important to me to remain as modern as possible with design aesthetic through constant analysis of the space. Great design = more eyeballs, and more engagement. I designed Voxox with UX Designer Randy Jones to be stylish, and consistent with the colorspace of our Cloud Phone Pro app. Color vibrancy was increased (to appeal to the demographic we identified in Mixpanel) and design elements like typography, depth and movement were updated as well. The guys are probably constantly pissed off at me for pushing, adapting, obsessing over the details. Good design is in the details. Have a bunch of little problems? Now you have a mediocre app. Never settle, but know how to balance your sprints and release within a reasonable timeline.


Mixpanel revealed information regarding the geolocation of users and specifically what they are purchasing within the app. The next several sprints will focus on aligning the app from a workflow and feature exposure perspective with revenue generation. I like this quite a bit- it will allow for a simplification of the app- removing features that we've identified that aren't used. If you don't need it, take it out. Focus focus.