Persyst EEG for iPad

Persyst is one of the more interesting projects I’ve worked on in quite some time. We’ve been asked to create an iPad EEG (electroencephalogram) application! This is based on some amazing technology created by the Persyst team which simplifies waveforms with Artifact reduction, and introduces ground–breaking "Trends" data visualization. We are working off of a Desktop app currently in the market.

What to do? Simplify. Embrace what iOS is all about. Remove anything we don’t need, and recognize the iPad as a partner and a satellite to the feature rich desktop application. The biggest issue here is focus. Our requirements involved the ability to select a patient, display EEG and Trends view in split or singular representations on a timeline, and make events through a commenting system accessible. Not a small task.

Working with Persyst’s CEO and our PM Ian LeWinter of ID Communications, we are collaboratively working through the design phase to balance features and focus– Always in a user centric manner. Once the prototype is complete in iOS, Persyst will conduct a preliminary phase with doctors and hospital units to gauge interest and usability.