Sorenson Squeeze 6–8

I was the UX & Creative Director at Sorenson Media for about 4 years: 2009-2012. During that time, I designed the modern version of Sorenson Squeeze with my team. We made Squeeze easier to use for an average (not just professional) audience through user centric interface design. Squeeze won Streaming Media Reader's choice awards 5 years running after the redesign.

Usability testing and analysis drove the design. Our tests were conducted over at the University of Utah near Salt Lake City in the computer science department using blind, recorded, task based question paths. We used Silverback to record audio and facial expressions. It’s so interesting to watch different types of users struggle. It is humbling and enlightening. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to conduct real usability testing yet in your career, I can’t encourage you enough to try it. Turns out we designers aren’t as clever as we think we are most of the time, and there is no better way to learn this than test. You realize your users don't understand what the hell you mean.

The funny thing in all of this. I don’t consider Squeeze to be an attractive application. QT, the language it was written in, is multi-platform and has it’s limitations. Who am I kidding? QT was absolute crap at the time, maybe it still is. If you have the resources, you should absolutely create native applications. Despite my griping, Squeeze is a well tested and optimized workflow used by many millions of people.